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Bomb Trouble
Do you consider yourself a fan of retro games like "Snow Bros", "Bubble Bobble", "Don Doko Don" or "Parasol Stars" (to name a few examples)? Well then, you're in luck, because "Bomb Trouble" is your game.

"Bomb Trouble" rescues the spirit of those one-screen platform coin-ops for the enjoyment of those of us who lived in that golden age of video games... although it will also satisfy the most modern players, since its simple mechanics of game is suitable for any type of player.


The kingdom of Miglia is one of the quietest places in the world. And as a good kingdom worth its salt, it has its villain. And this time the villain on duty is called Distan, who was imprisoned in Morla prison a little over a year ago for trying to overthrow the king. Well, Distan has escaped from prison and has the intention of taking revenge on him, and for this, he has filled the kingdom with bombs.

But, just as there are villains, there are also heroes, and the hero (well, more like the heroine) of this story is called Lina, a delivery girl who has offered to defuse all the bombs that Distan has distributed to all corners of Miglia, not for nothing, was the first of her class in the remote bomb disposal course.

Help Lina defuse all the bombs and save Miglia from destruction, and stop Distan from getting away with it.

  • Nice and colorful Pixel-Art graphics.
  • Simple mechanics: jump and run.
  • 80 levels divided into 10 zones, from forests to icy glaciers or fiery volcanoes.
  • Wonderful soundtrack by chosic.com.
  • Interactive/playable menu full of wonderful little details.
  • Hours of fun guaranteed.

  • MyAppFree Award: Featured game.