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The Lost Pixel
Pix is a happy pixel part of a trending video game. Until one day there is a blackout and comes out of the screen.

Upon returning (not effortless) to his beloved monitor, he realizes that something has changed.
Although the power has returned, the Internet is still not working and the screen is full of ugly pixels. It seems that he has returned to the past!

Visit games from more than three decades ago and collect all the colored points of each of their levels to be able to return home.

The Lost Pixel is an addictive platform game in which you will visit several of the most iconic games of all time.

  • Colorful Pixel-Art graphics.
  • Designed as an coin-op, even with leaderboard.
  • Wonderful music based on the original themes and created by fans of these wonderful games from the '80/90s.
  • If you lived through that golden age of video games, you cannot miss "The Lost Pixel". And if you did not know them, you will discover the wonders with which those of us who did play at the time grew up.