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This is not a sorcerer's job
Bylo is a young and rebellious sorcerer's apprentice who studies in the White Tower of Itsmoor. One day he plays a practical joke on the teacher he hates the most. But he is caught in the act and punished for cleaning every corner of the tower of a strange moss that has suddenly appeared.

During the course of his task, he will discover why that moss has appeared, who is behind him and what his plans are, so he will decide to disrupt them. Luckily, Bylo will run into various characters who will help him advance in his mission.

Help him in his task and clean up every corner of Itsmoor while derailing a mysterious plot, using only your magic... and your craftiness! But he remembers: your magic power is depleted and you must replenish it.

"This is not a sorcerer's job" is a fun adventure of platforms and puzzles (perhaps with a few drops of Metroidvania), and inspired by its base in the mythical recreational "City Connection" of the no less mythical Jaleco. As is customary for me, I have put the maximum of passion and care (especially to the small details), something that can already be considered as the main hallmark of bitmagine Studio.

  • Fabulous pixel-art graphics.
  • Wonderful soundtrack by Alexandr Zhelanov.
  • Game mechanics that will hook you from the first moment due to its simplicity.
  • Face enemies, traps and mechanisms.
  • Various game mechanics: run, jump, swim, smash enemies, interact with mechanisms...
  • Solve challenging puzzles that will "force" you to replay more than one level to get hold of the 3 spheres of energy distributed in each of them.
  • Discover hidden areas and find all of Itsmoor's forgotten treasures.
  • Various characters (NPCs) that will make you smile... or laugh!
  • Discover the mystery behind the appearance of the mysterious moss.
  • Screen free of annoying buttons so you can fully enjoy the adventure.
  • Various configuration options to improve your gaming experience.
  • Mini-tutorial within the adventure so that you learn the mechanics of the game.
  • Various environments and areas to explore (under development).
  • Translated into 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese / Brazilian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.
  • Joystick/Pad support.

NOTE: - Some of the names and places used in the game have been taken from my book "Bylo and the Oracle's Prophecy".