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Valo, the Crippled Star
"Valo, the Crippled Star" is a platform game with unusual mechanics.

Every universe has its heroes, and ours is no exception.
Since the beginning of time, the "Universal Star Watchers" (USW) have watched over us preventing meteorites and other stars from colliding with our beloved planet.

Valo was one of the most decorated stars of the "Universal Star Watchers" but, unfortunately, an unfortunate accident deprived him of his arms and, therefore, the possibility of being able to fly... And after that tragic accident, Valo's glory fell into oblivion.

But now, strange creatures have stolen the gems of life that sustain their planet and all members of the USW have been captured. So Valo must use his courage again and venture into the difficult mission of recovering them.

The main mechanics of the game are inspired by a classic: "Bugaboo - The Flea", (by Paco Suárez), so you must use one of the two jumps available (one long and one high), and use the necessary impulse to achieve your goal.