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"Arrow Blaster" is our new casual game for Android
4 March 2022

Resist the enemy waves and break all the records!
"Bomb Trouble" is out for Windows and Linux
19 January 2022

Do you consider yourself a fan of retro games like "Snow Bros", "Bubble Bobble", "Don Doko Don" or "Parasol Stars" (to name a few examples)? Well then, you're in luck, because "Bomb Trouble" is your game!   Available on Windows and Linux... and coming soon on Android.  [YouTube Launch Trailer]
Finally, "Intensity" comes out!
29 November 2021

The next brick-breaker experience comes to Windows, Linux and Android.  [YouTube Gameplay]
My latest game "Switchland Rescue" is now available for Windows, Linux and Android
13 November 2021

Break the rules and put yourself in the shoes of the typical "damsel in distress", because this time, THE GIRL will be in charge of rescuing her loved one over and over again.  [YouTube Gameplay]
New game on Google Play: "Turn and Dodge"
18 October 2021

Welcome to the first game in the "Instant Fun" series from bitmagine Studio!
"Turn and Dodge" is the first in a series of games where fun will be his hallmark.
"Instant Fun" series starts here!
The NO ADS version of "A Blob and his Box" hits Google Play
13 October 2021

Now you can play AD-FREE for just 0,99 €. Great value for money that you can't miss!
You can also buy the FULL VERSION for Windows at Itch.io (1,99 €).
"A Blob and his Box" gets a BIG update (v1.1)
13 October 2021

More levels, enemies and mechanisms, and many improvements in the first update of the game. You must try!
"The Lost Pixel" already for Windows, Linux and MacOS on Itch.io
19 September 2021

Now you can sneak FOR FREE into some of the most iconic coin-ops of all time. It will be like playing a coin-op within a coin-op!
Tetris, Wonder Boy, Pac-Man, Bubble Bobble y Super Mario Bros, are the first 5 Arcade/worlds you will (re)visit.  [YouTube Gameplay]
"A Blob and his Box" hits Google Play
2 September 2021

Enter a fast-paced adventure of precision platforming and physics.
Meet Fintch, our new and charismatic hero, and join him on his adventure to the Temple of Zeela and collect all his hidden treasures.